Humanitarian Work

Missions International has long been involved in humanitarian work in orphanages, prisons, caring for widows, and others. MI works in many nations, including Haiti, Jamaica, Brazil, Peru, Russia, Southeast Asia, Romania, Siberia, India, and beyond.

In recent decades we have focused our relief work in SE Asia and Africa to include people hurt by cyclones, floods, fires, and the pandemic, among other disasters. We have rebuilt destroyed homes, provided medicine for Covid relief, fed thousands of people, and encouraged and empowered the local disciples of Jesus to do the same. MI has been very involved with the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh as well, where fires in the massive refugee camps have been a difficult issue.

Beauty from Ashes: Amanpreet’s Story

I am, Amanpreet Madhav, leader of Koppal district of 555 network. On the morning of December 24, 2021, a total of seventeen houses in my neighbourhood, including my house, were gutted by fire. There is nothing left to use in every family, everything is burnt to ashes and houses are completely destroyed by fire. We lose our clothes, our food grains. The believing brothers and sisters of the village initially helped us with some clothing and food items from our own 555 networks.

We 17 families have to shelter in the village schoolhouse. Believers helped us with blankets. But we 17 families were very worried about how to build our house. We prayed to the Lord and fasted so that the Lord would help us build houses. A week later we were assured that the brothers and sisters from America would help us build the house, and when we heard this, we were overjoyed and thanked God. Thank you very much!

At present we have built seventeen houses and started living there with our families. We are very happy to be able to build a new house so quickly. When our house was on fire, some radical people in the village mocked us and told us that it was a curse of God. But when we rebuilt the house in a very short time, all those people are very ashamed. Many of us have been strengthened, so we are preaching the gospel of Jesus to the people of the village with more enthusiasm. Now people don’t make fun of us anymore. Pray for us so that we can carry on the work of the Lord’s Kingdom more effectively. Thank you for your gracious help!

Fiscal Sponsorship

For more than 15 years, Missions international has served NGOs throughout the world as a fiscal sponsor, facilitating donations for our partners. We assist in grant editing and content, application submission, Post-Grant Reporting, communication, and other due diligence. While Missions International does not fundraise for our partners, we are the means through which our partners can conduct fundraising in the US. We are currently not accepting applications for fiscal sponsorship through our website.

June Ahern

June has traveled the world throughout most of her life, and a love for God’s creation and desire to serve Him was instilled at a young age. June began working at Missions International in 2007 and she became the Fiscal Sponsor Program Director in 2009, serving both our partners throughout the world and US faith-based foundations. June’s heart for people throughout the nations to know the love of Jesus inspires her service to our fiscal sponsor partners.

The harvest is plentiful.

"And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment." –Hebrews 9:27
No one gets out of this life alive.