History and Vision

Missions International (MI) was organized in 1983 by Dr. Dwight Marable as a non-profit missionary organization. The purpose of MI is to equip, encourage and resource Christian leaders around the world which we have done in over 40 nations with more than 30,000 participants.

We have been involved in a variety of ministries, but our focus has been on leadership and tool development. For 2 decades we facilitated short term teams in ministry around the world. In the past few years we have refocused our efforts on research, tool development and deployment. Our work has shifted to include the USA, where we help churches such as Saddleback Community Church in California, to churches all across the USA become more effective in reaching their communities.

Tools, such as Small Group Leaders Survey will help you understand the Seven Primary Principles revealed by our research in 21 countries. We offer several training series with an emphasis on coaching, small group equipping and 6 weeks studies to develop a passion for those who need Christ. Please see our resource section for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions about Strategic Growth for Small Groups (SG)²
What is (SG)² ? (SG)² is a training program of Missions International (MI) designed to enable churches to create small groups that reach out to unchurched people with the Gospel. The focus is on helping churches reach their world and make disciples.

What are the primary differences between (SG)² and other small group training? (SG)² is based on worldwide research of over 2,500 small group leaders in 20 nations. We have answered the question of “what drives conversion growth through small groups?” through this extensive international study.

How do you introduce the project to a church or group of churches? Our basic equipping Launch Seminar is 2 days long. However, you can break up the training into a 1 day session and spread out the modules over several days or weeks.

What diagnostics does (SG)² use? We have created a diagnostic tool that evaluates the small group leaders based on the Seven Success Factors we found in our international research project. The assessment gives the pastor and groups a clarity on their strengths and weaknesses. This is a very practical approach to discovering where to focus energy and resources to achieve the desired results.

For more information contact us at resources@missions.com