The 555 Model

Late in the last century, the mission statement of Missions International became “To have the greatest impact possible on where the largest number of people possible spend eternity”, and the Lord led Dwight Marable to conduct research on church planting movements.

This research eventually formed the basis for the 555 Network model in 2011.  Through the 555 model, new believers are taught, mentored, and coached in how to share the gospel with their friends and family members, asking them to personally share their faith and baptize 5 people who need to know Jesus.  It is vital to the success of this method that each of the 5 personally baptize the 5 new believers themselves. This sharing continues through 3 generations of disciples making disciples, first 5 then 25, then 125 for a total of 155 new believers who are organically organized in-house churches.  Each person is included in a house church and receives teaching and training in the Word of God, while continuing to reach out.

One reason this method works is that we capture the new believer’s excitement and “first love” and give them the opportunity to immediately share their new life with family and friends. We coach and mentor them according to the context in which they live in this process.

As the new believers grow in number, they are organized into house churches organically. They all already know each other and are tied together as family or friends. These house churches typically number between 20-25 within a 5-5-5 network of about 155 believers. Sometimes, these networks continue to grow to the fourth or fifth generation, but most of them are encouraged to stop after the third generation. Then, the new believers organize themselves into a new network. In this way, one Man or Woman of Peace can mentor, train, encourage, and disciple the leaders of 20 to 25 house churches. This is the essence of the 5-5-5 model, which empowers the new convert, especially the ambitious, motivated person, to share their faith and create house churches that have an impact on the people within them.

The harvest is plentiful.

"And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment." –Hebrews 9:27
No one gets out of this life alive.