Strategic Growth for Small Groups: (SG)2. (SG)2 is a training program of Missions International designed to enable churches to create small groups that reach out to unchurched people with the Gospel. The focus is on helping churches grow through conversion growth. This is a summary learning of our research work in 21 countries among 2,500 small group leaders. The research project was based on a scientific model which included many statistical techniques. This research project was the Ph.D. dissertation for co-author Dr. Jim Egli. Click here for more information about (SG)2.

(SG)2 Facilitator Guide. Contains Facilitator and Participant Guides for the 17 modules including the 6 Launch modules. Participant pages easily reproducible. Includes Supply List, Groups Ablaze promotional DVD, resource CD, and sample (SG)2 Small Group Assessment. See above for (SG)2 Small Group Assessment ordering information necessary for Vision for the Harvest Module. Recommended 1 Facilitator Guide per church.
$295.00 per church

Participant Guide for (SG)2 Launch Event. Contains Participant Guides for the 6 Launch modules. $40.00 per participant

The (SG)2 Small Group Assessment. These questions will give your small group leader scoring on the four universal principles that impact disciple making through a small group. The Assessment is a tool used in the Vision for the Harvest Module of the Facilitator Guide.

(SG)2 Small Group Assessment – $6.95 each

Motivation for Mission. Motivation for Mission is a six week stand alone Bible Study that helps congregations focus on our purpose as individuals and as a church. It seeks to answer the question, “Why are we here?” Facilitator Guide includes the six lessons with Facilitator and Participant Guides, Resource CD, Supply List and a detailed Implementation Plan with step by step, week by week instructions to prepare, promote, implement and evaluate the Motivation for Mission Study. – $195.00 per church


The Seeker Series. The Seeker Series is a six week stand alone study that helps the unchurched or lost discover the Bible in a home study/discussion group environment. Topics include obedience in the Word, assurance, witnessing, and outreach. Facilitator Guide includes the six lessons with Participant Guides and a Coaching Guide. 
$179.00 per church

New Christian Starter Pack Series. The Starter Pack is a six week stand alone Bible Study that helps the new Christian focus on discipleship. Topics include the Search for Peace, Meaning, Relationship, Significance, a Cause, and Eternity. Facilitator Guide includes the six lessons with Facilitator and Participant Guides and Tips for Leading a Seeker Discussion. $179.00 per church

Natural Evangelism. Coming Soon!!

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