Dwight MarableDwight spent two summers in training under Donald McGavran and doing missionary work in Asia. He began training pastors in West Africa in 1980 and founded Missions International in 1983.  He has mission experience in over 50 nations, primarily training pastors and leaders.  Dwight’s philosophy is to discover what God is doing and empower others to join Him.  This is carried out primarily through doing research on what is effective in missions, then creating highly replicable models and training.  Since 1983 Dwight has led conferences and seminars that have equipped over 25,000 leaders in Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe, Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, along with the USA and Canada.

A few years ago Dwight began to focus on a statistical model of research similar to Christian Schwarz`s work with Natural Church Development. His study of 2500 small group leaders in 20 nations has resulted in a book with Dr. Jim Egli, Small Groups, Big Impact.  More recently he has focused on church planting movements, surveying over 5,000 house church leaders across Asia to understand the dynamics of what creates a movement.

Dwight has also been involved in church development at home.  His research on factors that drive revitalization of churches has played a leading role in developing Transforming Churches Network and its revitalization ministry.  Dwight has experience on a church staff and as a church planter in Nashville, Tennessee.