church planting movement (CPM)

Church Planting Movement (CPM) is a rapid and multiplicative increase of churches planting churches within a given population segment or people group.

Missions International has recently researched movements in three countries with the following number of surveys of church planters in each country:

  • 542 Surveys from a church planting movement of 400,000
  • 858 Surveys from a CPM that is growing by 100,000 a month
  • 507 Surveys from a movement of over 1 Million converts

Our research revealed Seven Components that drive a CPM. Almost all focus on the equipping process and the expectations for new believers. Missions International is offering training for church planters and missionaries who would like to start a CPM anywhere on earth.

From the Church Planting Booklet…

So, what is a Church Planting Movement? A simple, concise definition of a Church Planting Movement (CPM) is: a rapid and multiplicative increase of indigenous churches planting churches within a given people group or population segment.

There are several key components to this definition. The first is: rapid. As a movement, a Church Planting Movement occurs with rapid increases in new church starts. Saturation church planting over decades and even centuries is good, but doesn’t qualify as a Church Planting Movement.

Secondly, there is a multiplicative increase. This means that the increase in churches is not simply incremental growth, adding a few churches every year or so. Instead, it compounds with two churches becoming four, four churches becoming eight to 10 and so forth. Multiplicative increase is only possible when new churches are being started by the churches themselves rather than by professional church planters or missionaries.

Finally, they are indigenous churches. This means they are generated from within rather than from without. This is not to say that the gospel is able to spring up intuitively within a people group. The gospel always enters a people group from the outside; this is the task of the missionary. However, in a Church Planting Movement the momentum quickly becomes indigenous so that the initiative and drive of the movement comes from within the people group rather than from outsiders.

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